Greetings! It’s been 7 years since we started the journey of Alpha Digitech, and it’s certainly not been an easy one. But along the way we’ve learnt so many valuable lessons. One quote that comes to my mind of one such lesson -“Be wise like a serpent, harmless as a dove”.

On our incredible journey, we’ve often stumbled and fallen, but we’ve also always got right back up and Marched along! Giving me strength to continue on this rewarding journey has been my faith in the Great Person whom I  serve!

And of course the unwavering support of all our clients, associate partners and our staff, who stood by me during my ups and downs.

I know there are many more milestones in our future and I have no doubt that Alpha Digitech will continue to soar like an eagle and roar like a lion in the days to come.

Thank you once again & wishing all a fruitful and Blessed 2020.

Justin Samuel James
Founder & MD


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